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  1. Gray and Raven sleeping in a coconut

    They love snuggling together in their coconut!
  2. Rat Behavior
    My 2 girls (unknown ages, as the rescue shelter didn't have that info, but one is older than the other for sure) used to be pretty active. Bean, my old gal, loves to climb and hang out on top of the cage. She's always been an explorer, loving her "floor time." Baby often liked to sleep in the...
  3. Sleepy Babies

    My babies r so cute when they sleep, so I thought I’d share some pictures
  4. Rat Behavior
    Helloo! I'm a bit bored and want to discuss rats AND happened to have a question in mind! Have your rats' sleeping schedules changed at all to work with yours better? Because I've heard that that's a thing, but I don't know. And it's kinda hard because at least mine haven't now in two weeks and...
  5. Rat Health
    Hi, I'm a first time rat owner and have only had my rats for a couple of weeks, I think they are a few months old at the moment. I have noticed that when one of them is asleep she seems to breathe a lot faster than the other one and I can't tell if this is normal for them or if I should take her...
  6. Blog
    I just got him about 3 weeks ago and an odd thing I noticed was that he sleeps directly on top of the area where he poops, which is right next to his food-bowl. I replaced this corner with a make-shift litterbox (so he wouldn't have pee that I couldn't see and therefore wouldn't clean up) and he...
1-6 of 6 Results