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    Hi, I purchased two blue dumbo rats 10 days ago (Freya & Silvia). Both are about 2-month-old females. Since getting them, they both presented with what sounded like sneezing at times. Silvia having it more often than Freya. I initially thought it was nothing more than "new home sniffles" but...
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    I have three rats and one of them was sneezing a lot yesterday. When I held her to my ear, I heard her lungs ‘rattling’, i could hear her breath. I’ve monitored all my rats very closely, I cleaned their cage, and they seem to be fine, but they do have a slight bit more porphyrin that usual...
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    NVM on this post.
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    I have a couple of girls, about 8 months old, but shortly after I got them (from breeders) one began to sneeze. The sneezing became persistent, rather than occasional. The second rat started sneezing occasionally too, but not nearly as much as the other. I took them both to the vet a couple...
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    I’ve had 2 female rats now for 3 weeks. Cake is a dumbo rat and is around 2 or 3 months old now. Fiona is a dwarf dumbo Rex rat who is about 7 weeks old. About 3 days, I noticed Fiona sneezing quite a bit. There’s also the red mucus coming only from her nose in small amounts. She cleans most of...
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    Hi everyone I got to Rats two weeks ago and they are both girls and they were doing fine until I put the new bedding in their cage and then they started sneezing and the one that looked really bad so I made a vet appointment for Monday it is now Saturday I changed the cage and she's doing much...
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    Well Lily has been sneezing a lot so taking her to Arianne's so she could look at some time this week. Luckily Harper is fine. I got in touch with the previous owner on facebook and she told me she had just got over a URI.