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  1. General Rat Topics
    I wanted to put in a little dig box for my boys in they're cage, working with what I have at home. I only have TopSoil, is that okay for them? I did some research and it said it has no chemicals but just in case I will ask other rat owners
  2. Rat Homes
    Hello everyone. So one of my indoor plants is nearly dead but it required a lot of soil and I was hoping it would be okay to re use it for a dig box for my girls. The brand is Fox Farm potting soil, and it is organic. I just want to make sure it is okay. I've only ever watered the plant and...
  3. Rat Homes
    Hi!! So I really want to get a digging Box for my rats and I want to use soil because it's natural to rats, and I think my rats would really like it! But I'm not quite sure what soil to use... I've looked at a bunch of natural soils and whatnot, but it's very confusing to me 🥲 So some help would...
1-3 of 3 Results