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taming troubles

  1. Trust Training, Am I doing something wrong?

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, I have adopted 2 young male rats, now 9 weeks old, and they have been with me for almost a month. Even if the breeder told me that they were handled daily, they would not allow me to pick them up, or even touch them without jumping out in fear. I tried once, didnt force anything and I...
  2. VERY timid rats... can someone help me?

    Rat Behavior
    Hey! If anyone can give me some advice i would appreciate it so much! I adopted 3 ex-lab rat babies who needed a home & they were 8 weeks old when i got themšŸ„° they're 3 girls and i've had them for about a month... the only problem is that i'm finding it pretty difficult to tame them. I try and...
  3. very scared and skittish rat

    Rat Behavior
    Hey y'all! So I recently got a pet rat (Roquefort) and I'm a bit worried about her. She's always hiding in her little tent and only comes out to eat/drink water when the lights are out or when she thinks I'm not there. I decided to start taming her, and it was kind of a disaster. Every time I...