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  1. Rat Behavior
    Hi! I’ve recently gotten a pet rat from a pet store. His name is PB&J. We’ve been together for over a month now. I tried to follow what the pet store people and Google both recommended when trying to get him to where he will let me handle him, by offering treats to get him to understand that...
  2. Rat Behavior
    Hey, I've been reading the various taming threads, but one thing I was curious about is if I have a very skittish rat, should I hold off on put him in a pen with me sitting inside it with him and letting him walk around in it? He won't let me touch him, but he will eat from my hands. I haven't...
  3. Rat Behavior
    Hey y'all! So I recently got a pet rat (Roquefort) and I'm a bit worried about her. She's always hiding in her little tent and only comes out to eat/drink water when the lights are out or when she thinks I'm not there. I decided to start taming her, and it was kind of a disaster. Every time I...
1-3 of 3 Results