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  1. Rat Behavior
    Bonding with rats is a slow process which I'm still working on, and though I'm proud of how far my girls have come along it can sometimes feel like they will only ever really tolerate me. I would just like to hear some motivating bonding stories where you were able to have a breakthrough with...
  2. Rat Behavior
    Hi everyone. I'm just looking for some advice here on my previously neglected rats. Context; I recently rescued a few young males and they're extremely timid and one is even a bit aggressive. I'm trying to gradually trust train them by giving them treats from my hands and giving them liquid...
  3. Rat Behavior
    I've had rats all my life, but recently took a break from them when I had a child. My rats have always been sweet, friendly, energetic, adventuresome, curious, super smart, playful, entertaining, calm and just generally great pets. Well, my son is 6 now, and since he did so well with our...
  4. Rat Behavior
    I've had my rats for a month now, they're about 3-4 months old. They have a relatively large cage for just two of them, 2 different floors with toys and a wheel. For the first two weeks, they hid in a little box with an old tshirt of mine for them to sleep in. They barely ever came out of it...
1-4 of 4 Results