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  1. Back to east coast winter

    Well winter is back for the east coast. So I had to leave my little girls inside and give them some things to entertain themselves. I purchased some cat toys with bells inside, well needless to say they loved them. And now that i have Helen Lester's little sister around, they love to cuddle. The...
  2. Flowers for Cici

    Hey Guys!! So I've decided to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Todays post is a cute one! I had some old tissue paper and decided to make cici a tissue paper flower!! I put a little peanut butter and some seeds in it and she went crazy! She carried it all over her cage, stripped it of its...
  3. Party Cups for Cici

    so due to finals I have been gone for a while, but now that we're settled in my new apartment I thought it was time to restart the blog. Last night it was cleaning day and I had these little party cups that I was never going to use... So I put some of her favorite treats in the bottom and...
  4. Crazy Kong Ball

    Today while I was walking around Petco I spotted an x-tra small puppy kong ball. Perfect size for a rat! I have done some research and most people (especially ones who have given their rat kong balls) say that they are perfectly safe. I also got the yogurt dog spread to put inside. I don't know...
  5. Soon to be happy rattys!

    So today I went and ordered Peanut a bigger cage that was so much cheaper then Midnights! Its four storys so lots of room for him to run around in! Yesterday we got their hammocks made and are going to be put into their cages today! I am very excited too see what they will do once we get them in...