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  1. Rat is still hungry and thirsty, but can't get food down.

    Rat Health
    I've been dealing with a URI since maybe two weeks ago. I started my 2 year old boy Piper on amoxicillin first, and then ordered some baytril and doxy. When it got here two days later, I started him on both. At the time he was just making noises when he breathed, wheezy sounds that didn't stop...
  2. Are these medications usable?

    Rat Health
    One of my boys was recently on baytril, doxy and a bronchodilator (Theophylline) but his symptoms improved. They've come back, but I realized his medications were in my car for several days and it's been extremely hot here. Are these medications ineffective now? Are they dangerous from heat...
  3. Super Scary Vet Visit Today

    I took the Edna and Rose to a local vet in town to get checked up for URIs. Everything was completely fine. Skin and fur are perfect, noses are clear, appetite and hydration are fine. Lungs sound fine. Turns out they're just irritated. Now, I'm not sure if it's form their old bedding, dust...