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  1. Rat Health
    Can an experienced vet just 'know' that a rat has a pituitary tumor instead of an ear infection without additional diagnostics?
  2. Rat Health
    I just posted about my rat Quinn having a tumor, but so does my rat Chonk. Chonk is a female that I estimate to be about 1 1/2, but I got her from the SPCA so the age is estimated. She recently developed a lump on her belly so I took her to the vet. The vet said it was a tumor, but it was very...
  3. Rat Health
    My 2 year old female rat Quinn was taken to the vet a few months ago cause of a lump, they tested it, and said it was a cyst. I took her back today and they now say she has two lumps both of which are tumors. I have two options, 1) operate on it (she said it doesn’t have to be this month but...
  4. Rat Health
    Hello everyone. For about two years I have been a mother of three rats. Billy, schlat and toby. (Schlat and billy being around 2 years while Toby is around one year) schlat has always had respritory issues but always was treated. sadly he recently passed unexpectedly in his sleep. my two...
  5. Rat Health
    Hello. I need advice. My rats have respiratory problems, I took them to the vet recently. It's not that bad, just some sneezing and porphyrin from nose. I had one more rat who passed away due to respiratory problems but she had more serious symptoms - sneezing, wheezing, problems with breathing...
  6. Rants & Raves
    I just had an absolute nightmare of a vet trip and it was unfortunately one of my baby’s(6weeks old) first time having to go, I had taken one of my other girls to a different vet before (who was great, but she was booked), but this girl’s breathing was off and I wanted someone to see her right...
  7. Rat Health
    Has anyone used the kwikvet app yet? I just learned about it and was wondering if it’s worth it. It’s an app where you can video chat with a vet and apparently you can get e prescriptions too. The initial call is $29 which is pretty cheap. (This is definitely not a paid advertisement lol)
  8. Rat Health
    I've been curious about trying other clinics, and wanted to know if anyone in Colorado had recommendations. So far, I've taken my current ones to Southpark Animal clinic, and unfortunately the one I took my girls to years ago is escaping me. Does anyone know of a good clinic that is great with...
  9. Rat Health
    So my rat is free roam and he accidentally ate some polysporin, i would say about a teaspoon of the ointment, idk if i need to take him to the emergency vet. PLEASE HELP!! If there is any natural remedies until i can make a normal appointment to help him, please share
  10. Rat Behavior
    I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I am in search of a vet for my new rat family. I want a vet who follows humane rat euthanasia (for when the time comes) and is well versed in their care. I am just trying to be prepared. I'm also hoping it is a vet with reasonable fees. Thank you!
  11. Rat Health
    Hello! :) First-time rat owner here, although I've had lots of experience with mice and gerbils. My two female rats, Maggie (furless albino rex) and June (albino rex) are almost 10 weeks old, and I am now looking into details about veterinary check-ins for their physical exams. At what age is it...
  12. Rat Health
    So my baby is almost three years old now, and we booked an appointment for tomorrow at the vet for a possible malocclusion. She’s on a soft / wet foods diet right now. I personally don’t like this vet but it’s one out of two options and the other vet gave previous (otherwise mostly fine) pets...
  13. Blog
    I took the Edna and Rose to a local vet in town to get checked up for URIs. Everything was completely fine. Skin and fur are perfect, noses are clear, appetite and hydration are fine. Lungs sound fine. Turns out they're just irritated. Now, I'm not sure if it's form their old bedding, dust...
1-13 of 13 Results