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  1. Rat Health
    Does anyone know of rats vets near the New York Hudson Valley area? I'm really struggling to find one and the vet I go to now (Newburgh Vet) is extremely expensive and starting to slip in my standards of care. I think that my little guy might need surgery after getting medicine for a lump that's...
  2. Rat Health
    My rat (Jasper) is just about 3 years old and has an upper respiratory infection, he is also underweight but that is due to age and we are giving him extra love. He has been scratching her ear al lot and I just noticed a large about of blood (it is blood I checked) and a bald spot around the...
  3. Rat Health
    Can an experienced vet just 'know' that a rat has a pituitary tumor instead of an ear infection without additional diagnostics?
  4. Rat Health
    Has anyone used the kwikvet app yet? I just learned about it and was wondering if it’s worth it. It’s an app where you can video chat with a vet and apparently you can get e prescriptions too. The initial call is $29 which is pretty cheap. (This is definitely not a paid advertisement lol)
  5. Rat Health
    I've been curious about trying other clinics, and wanted to know if anyone in Colorado had recommendations. So far, I've taken my current ones to Southpark Animal clinic, and unfortunately the one I took my girls to years ago is escaping me. Does anyone know of a good clinic that is great with...
  6. Rat Behavior
    I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and I am in search of a vet for my new rat family. I want a vet who follows humane rat euthanasia (for when the time comes) and is well versed in their care. I am just trying to be prepared. I'm also hoping it is a vet with reasonable fees. Thank you!
1-6 of 6 Results