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wild rat baby

  1. Costs

    The cost of raising a rat is relatively cheap. Food is inexpensive, hammocks can be purchased or hand made. These things are cheap. What's not cheap are cages, accessories, and things like medical attention. I made a decision to have Rasputin seen by a vet that I've brought Lily to in the...
  2. Many an update, all in one.

    Among a choking incident, discovery of lice, and the past few days becoming reasonably chaotic, all is looking up. On the subject of his home: I ordered him a 3 level cage with room enough for two rats. A close friend of mine who insists on acting as a doting uncle helped me by ordering...
  3. The first blog that isn't just reposted information.

    Several things of note have happened over the past two or three days (my concept of time has utterly disappeared in the wake of my up & down schedule) and I'll do my best to cover all of them just because it seems like folks are interested in the development and story of the wild baby rat. I...
  4. A summarization of everything in posts so far, pt 2.

    Thank you. I truly hope it doesn't develop into something serious. My last hand-reared baby (admittedly not a rat but a wild rabbit discovered orphaned) inhaled milk in the same manner and died of a stealth infection before I could raise a single hand to stop it. :( It surprises me that...