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1, Female, Oklahoma City Oklahoma *Found her a home!!*

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Country: USA
State/Region: Oklahoma
City/Town: Bethany
Number of rats: 1
Sex: Female
Age(s): 6-7 months old
Colours: tan/beige hooded with 3 spots on back
Neutered: No
Reason for rehoming: I cannot care for her because she bites me and She needsa home where someone can rehabilitate her
Temperament: Sweet once out of cage, but bites inside cage.
Medical problems: Drainage on nose, sneezing
Will the group be split: ??
Transport available: no
Other: She will have to keep her hut, as she loves it.
URL of Pictures:
URL of Videos:
Preferred donation:
Would you like them advertised on myspace www.myspace.com/dontbu..._animals?: no
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Re: Sweet Rat Named Carma! in OKlahoma

****,I wish I lived in Oklahoma.I'd swoop up that rat in a heart beat :)
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