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What color will the babies be??

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13!!!!!!! OMG

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i'm so excited!!! i hurd some sqeaking last night and i thought it was too loud to be my mouse mamas babies. So i looked in Topaz's cage and she has 13 little pink babaies!!!! She lived with my male for about a week and then got the sniffles so i had to move them apart. I didn't know she had taken!!! i'm so happy she did and i'm so excited. I'm hoping to get some blues. Naz is a blue hooded and she's a black hooded. Naz is getting older so i breed them in hopes of getting a Naz Jr. so i can always remember him :). I know kind of silly but me and Naz are super close. I'll post pics asap, i don't want to bother her too much.

I did want to ask, sometimes when they are sucking on her teats she'll drag them out. Should i place them back in?? or will she do that? as fare as i know she's a first time mother. I've also taken her off her sniffles meds so it wont harm the babies. I've done mouse babies but not rat lol.

I took a vedio of them but youtube doesn't let me play it?, if someone knows how i can play it please let me know.

p.s. Thought a little pole on what color the babies would be, would be fun!! please join in
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I agree, fallinstar. So why don't you listen to what you're saying and actually follow it? The only one being rude here is you.
im sorry but i am being as nice as i possibly can be im finding it hard to be nice at the moment due to greive but i am trying my **** hardest

Explain that a bit, maybe?
greif as in a family member pased away this week
Night my mother has been a Sert. breeder for well over 16 years now. She is teaching me as i learn from her. My mother has/had prevous homes set up for the little ones that i can't adopt out. She gave me the job of finding homes for my own kittens instead of doing the work for me. I've been looking for homes for them WELL before i even Breed Nazarath & Topaz. I failed to tell everyone this because i figured that since i've named many times that my mother is a breeder that this question wouldn't come up. Me and my mother have some beautiful lines and genetics coming from these kittens so... I'll keep breeding thank You :)
She's a certified breeder? Where is she registered? What's her rattery name?
Yes she is a Certified breeder, She is REg. to N.F.R.S , S.A.C.B, and R.R.A
Her Rattery name also happens to be the name of our stableing property "uMgazi Ranch& Farm"
Nazarath, those are some cute little pinkies you've got there :D. What are some of the colors in the lines, just so we can make educated guesses?

Fallinstar- the point of a forum is to hear other peoples' opinions and to learn from other's experiences. As long as it's done in a positive way it's a good thing ;).
Thank you Reachthestars :) the dom. lines we have coming from Naz are: Blue and capped. Topaz has Self and black. I'll have to get their papers from mom so i can get their lines, i'm about 90% sure these are their colors. If i remember correctly theres no Dumbos or Rex's present in there genes. (i double check for everyone).
>.< ok heres the problem, my mom left monday to a huge rat expo in the bay area at the Cow Placa and wont be back till sunday, ALL of our bloodlines, genetic info, etc` etc are in her locket cabinets >.< so if u bear with me till sunday i'll post everything then.
while we wait i took a short vedio of how active the little ones are becoming hehe.

wiggly little squirts aren't they! so cute
oh yea they are!!!! they r so cute! i've taken a fancy to this cute male mismatched Hooded :).
One thing I will suggest.. as many unwanted rats and rats needing homes in California, why not start a rat rescue instead of breeding and open your home and heart to those who are already here needing homes? Even if you only took in pregnant females or mothers and their litters?

Every baby you breed and adopt out takes away another home that could have gone to one sitting right now in a shelter. And it is common practice for a shelter to euthanize new animals as soon as they come in when they don't have room for them. You'd kind of be saving two lives instead of just one. More than 2 if those rescued are pregnant. Because when they don't have room, they will often euthanize any litters born as well.

The average rat lives about 2 1/2 years. That's 912.5 days in their lifetime. Some of those rats have been there 6 months, a year, or more. You could make the difference in their lives, if you choose to.
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i thought nazarath lived in the UK?
No twitch i live in Cali :)... I am planning on opening a rescue since there are no rat rescues in my area. However i don't have the room at this time. I have built a new track room for all my horse tack and i wish to turn my old one into a "rat room". It has everything i would need, kool in summer and warm in winter. I have an extra cage but i'm working to building more. I'm also going to look for people who might donate cages and money to my cause. I've been talking to my vet and she is also helping me plan and helping me set up a "program" where i can bring in rescued rats and they can get a free check up. I want to do more planing and more reading up before i just open up and start takeing rats in though, but i have this idea and i'm thinking of running it by my mother as well.

Oh! mom came home and i was talking to her about posting the peds. however she didn't like the idea, i know where her key is (now that she's home) but without her permission it wouldn't feel right posting the info. :( sorry...

AND... I've found a home for the little boy, it's offical and his mommy will be taking him on the 22nd 23rd ish. Best of all he'll be right down the street so i can always go check on him, and if any problems arise i will be able to assist his new mom :).
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What's wrong with just telling the rats lines and breeders they came from? Does the girl taking the rat have others for this boy? Will she observe proper quarentine?

Between this and your posts on Rats Rule, something seems a little fishy to me...
I'm not sure to tell you the truth. I asked mom what the harm could be and she said i shouldn't have to prove anything to some skeptical online people i talk to. I droped the subject since well... you don't know my mom lol. It's ok if you don't believe me thats not my problem. I'm sorry it sounds fishy and i see why it does. I've been reading up on my hw for opening a rescue and never really said anything before because it was something in the fare fare futur. After talking with my mom (to get legal assistance) she motiveated to pursue my goal now :). I've got a couple more people and older adults helping me along and making sure i don't forget anything :). It's al going well, i have no rats yet (other than my little ones) and don't plan on offering to accept any until I have more cages, food, and supplies. I promise everyone i've done my homework on this, sure i don't know everything but thats why i have a few older adults helping me along so i don't forget something important or just something simple :).
Also yes she knows about proper quarentine, she has one other rat she rescued from a bad bad home. She's been learning stuff from me and mom. She's my bestfriend and has been with me and helped me with my personal rats for a long time. Also living right down the street i'll be able to visit the little one at any time.
Thank you to the rest of you for all your support :).
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eeekkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D babies eyes are open now!!! omg they are just the cutest little things in the world. Crawling around and everything!!! oh i'm so excited :D. I've noticed we have about 4 berkshires, capped, and some mismatched hooded. theres a few more but it's almost those close markings. Where it could be a berk. or a blaze deal? I'll post pics for everyone to have fun with soon :).
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