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What color will the babies be??

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13!!!!!!! OMG

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i'm so excited!!! i hurd some sqeaking last night and i thought it was too loud to be my mouse mamas babies. So i looked in Topaz's cage and she has 13 little pink babaies!!!! She lived with my male for about a week and then got the sniffles so i had to move them apart. I didn't know she had taken!!! i'm so happy she did and i'm so excited. I'm hoping to get some blues. Naz is a blue hooded and she's a black hooded. Naz is getting older so i breed them in hopes of getting a Naz Jr. so i can always remember him :). I know kind of silly but me and Naz are super close. I'll post pics asap, i don't want to bother her too much.

I did want to ask, sometimes when they are sucking on her teats she'll drag them out. Should i place them back in?? or will she do that? as fare as i know she's a first time mother. I've also taken her off her sniffles meds so it wont harm the babies. I've done mouse babies but not rat lol.

I took a vedio of them but youtube doesn't let me play it?, if someone knows how i can play it please let me know.

p.s. Thought a little pole on what color the babies would be, would be fun!! please join in
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Just reread your post in 'Say Hello' and I have to say I'm concerned. You said there that Naz came from a girl who no longer wanted him, and Topaz was from a petstore. Have you been lying to us to make yourself feel better about breeding two unpedigreed rats? It sounds as though you have no clue on the gentic history of either rat which makes me feel very sorry for the babies that are the result of the irresponsible breeding. You've already said in the topic that you didn't have home lined up beforehand, which could leave you with many innocent rats to look after.

It's time for the truth please.
OK, no they ARE NOT petstore rats?? u might have gotten confused or something? in "I own 3 rats" i think it's titled i talk about how Naz was a runt and Topaz came from one of moms fellow breeders. Takota is a pet store rat though, i have no plans on breeding her. If i don't find them homes thats fine with me. We have MORE than enough room for all the little ones. If you read one of my other posts this was a semi accident littler. I wanted to breed Naz and Topaz but ended up spliting them up, i had no idea she was preg becuase they we're together a week and i always saw them just playing (maybe they did the deed while i was asleep). I knew it was possible she was preg. but she didn't show any signs so i assumed she wasn't and there for didn't look into homes too much. Need i remind you my mom is a breeder and so it's not like we don't have enough food, water, and homes for everyone to live in when they get older.

Now i can understand seeing something fishy but i don't think your being very fare in hunting down every post i make to try and find something wrong with me or an idea i have. Please stop wasting your time because for the millionth time i know what i am doing and i've been around rats my whole life.
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If everything you posted was correct, why did you go back today and edit the whole thing? Originally it said that Naz was taken from a friend who no longer wanted him. People who tell the truth have nothing to hide.
i didn't change anything? oh my gosh i've got nothing to prove to you. I know the truth and if u believe me awesome if not it's really not my problem. I'm done talking with you, It's possible someone else posted that?? or did u just make up this story to try and make me look bad?? oir either way i'm done on this topic with you.
If you didn't change anything why does it say that it was edited today by you?

I'm not trying to make you look bad, some things just have been seeming off to me, and when I looked into it it was even more so. I feel bad for those poor babies that were brought into this world so carelessly.
Seriously i'm done talking about this, edited it by adding my comment about them not being petstore rats. Can you just leave me alone now?? and these "poor babies" have an excellent home with me should they not be all adopted out. I've got them out at this moment playing with them :) now please i not going to reply to you anymore. Nothing to prove on my end :).
There's no point to fighting about "who edited what" or "where the rats came from"....it happened, its over and there's nothing that can change that. I think that the MOST important thing right now is that Nazarath IS taking very good care of the babies and that all are in great health and have a wonderful home and if adopted out will go to nice, loving, responsible rat owners.
If it's posible I MIGHT be able to get one. It's just a matter of transportation.

You should know why Nazarath.
Good news, me and my friend (the one adopting one little boy) played with the little ones today. They seemed a little scared but enjoyed some carrot and even licking me and Betty :D. I want to add an updated pick but i need them to stay still lol.
OK i've been able to take some pics, Theres one i have a question about. I'm pretty sure i know he's a mismatched hooded but his black dot is so small i'll make sure lol. I've added a picture of the little boy i plan on keeping (should the rest get adopted) I've named him Xavier :D.


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The marking on the first one is small enough that I would feel comfortable calling him capped. They're certainly cute little stinkers.
with xaiver, is that white markings on his face by his eye or just glare?
The first one isn't a capped, it is a bareback mismatched.

Very cute babies :)
Xavier has the white blaze, i will admit i love it :). So yea i was thinking he was a capped but the bearback sounds possible to.
Babies are getting weaned from mommy this sunday!!!! they've had play time in their new cage while being handeld so it shouldn't be too new to them, other than mom will be gone :).
Won't they only be about 26 days old then? I was thinking they were born about Febuary 21st. Feb was even a short month. That's a little under four weeks and a little early to be weaning them.
I noticed she had the little ones on the 21st, because about 3 or 4 days before that i hurd sqeaking. My mother mouse had just had little ones so i just assumed it was them. Then about 3 days later (they day i noticed them) i noticed the sqeaks were super loud, much louder than any baby mouse could be. So i would add about two or three days onto the 21st.
I checked my cal. and they are about 4 weeks old give or take a day. The main reason i feel good about weaning them tomorrow is the fact they can eat and drink by themselfs.
I'm also plan to bring them by my vet for a check up before i send the adopted ones home. Which will easily be a week from tomorrow so i can make double sure they are nice and healthy.
Ahh.. ok. When you posted you said she must have had them the day before you found them. I normally always handle my own rats every day and especially check pregnant moms every day, so I figured you'd have found them quicker.

It's usually best to wait a little bit even after they can eat and drink to take mom from them. The milk they get from her is an important supplement for growth and health. At least a few more days. They usually will have weaned the babies themselves once it comes time to seperate them. Taking them away from her entirely all in one day not only could stress her out, but it could be somewhat traumatizing.
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