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What color will the babies be??

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13!!!!!!! OMG

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i'm so excited!!! i hurd some sqeaking last night and i thought it was too loud to be my mouse mamas babies. So i looked in Topaz's cage and she has 13 little pink babaies!!!! She lived with my male for about a week and then got the sniffles so i had to move them apart. I didn't know she had taken!!! i'm so happy she did and i'm so excited. I'm hoping to get some blues. Naz is a blue hooded and she's a black hooded. Naz is getting older so i breed them in hopes of getting a Naz Jr. so i can always remember him :). I know kind of silly but me and Naz are super close. I'll post pics asap, i don't want to bother her too much.

I did want to ask, sometimes when they are sucking on her teats she'll drag them out. Should i place them back in?? or will she do that? as fare as i know she's a first time mother. I've also taken her off her sniffles meds so it wont harm the babies. I've done mouse babies but not rat lol.

I took a vedio of them but youtube doesn't let me play it?, if someone knows how i can play it please let me know.

p.s. Thought a little pole on what color the babies would be, would be fun!! please join in
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Here are some links to California Non-profit sites that state some of the things you have to go through to obtain it.




Further, here is a list of all non-profit charities in Gerber California. A search for all "animal protection, welfare and services" charities rendered 0 results. There is no uMgazi Rat Rescue listed.

GERBER, CA 96035
EIN Number:
CT Number: 93057

GERBER , CA 96035
EIN Number: 68-0294678
CT Number:

GERBER , CA 96035
EIN Number: 68-0235217
CT Number:

Faith Hope Love Ministries
GERBER, CA 96035
EIN Number: 94-3017316
CT Number:

GERBER , CA 96035
EIN Number: 94-2176493
CT Number:

Gerber, CA 96035
EIN Number: 51-0172385
CT Number: 33013

GERBER, CA 96035
EIN Number: 94-1643852
CT Number: 31558

Gospel Auditorium
GERBER, CA 96035
EIN Number: 94-6122459
CT Number:

GERBER, CA 96035
EIN Number: 23-7298653
CT Number: 16139

GERBER, CA 96035
EIN Number: 94-2692161
CT Number:

The Smith-Jones Community Center, Inc.
GERBER, CA 96035
EIN Number: 23-7069560
CT Number:
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She pmed me telling me she was leaving and going on another site. She said she would still log in, but only to send and receive pms.

Yeah... she's always smelled a little fishy to me but you know I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. The web thing was just very weird, and the whole rescue full of her own 'accidental' litter is also weird.
Poppyseed said:
she's always smelled a little fishy to me
When in doubt, I always do some serious searches on people. Whether it be by their email, their name, their location, etc. I can usually find something. I even check out all of my adopters just in case. I want to make sure I am not adopting out to anyone who has been convicted of animal abuse or anything like that.

I haven't looked up too much about her yet... but after everything that's been said and done and lied about.. I think I might.

I did a search on an aquaintance once.. and found out she stole thousands and thousands of dollars from Amazon.com and had been on house arrest. Then I found out she took money for tickets to a canceled Sci-Fi convention, and is currently in jail for theft from another store and having a stolen credit card lol You'd be surprised what you'll find just with a google search.
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Google is all-powerful, that's for sure. My "real life" motto is: "Google it." There's nothing you can't find if you search with the right words/names.

I wonder what forum she's going to. I hope no one gets tricked. 8O
there is nothing fishy about naz shes a good friend of mine and i would prefure it if u didnt put her down in that way as she has done nothing wrong
Rodere- I have a question for you, A while a go I went to check out your site and others so I can get an idea of how to improve mine. I noticed that you said
"Rodere Rat Rescue has decided that we will try to institute a breeding program to provide an alternative to those seeking pet rats when we don't have rescues available. We want to provide them with well socialized, healthy, and happy companions instead of their only other resort being petstores. Petstore rats are, more often than not, unsocialized and could possibly be sick or pregnant. We will be specializing in dumbos in an array of colors and marking types. If you are interested in getting on our waiting list, please contact me."
I wanted to ask why you would want to breed rats while you are also going to try and find homes for already homeless rats?

Than According to something else you have posted you also do not have a non-profit permit as well.

I'm not trying to attack you or anything, I just simple want to know what you accuse me of all these things when you seem to be doing contradictory things to what you are harping on and telling me?
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Actually if you read it more carefully, it says that we are in the process of gaining a non-profit certificate. The process takes time and in some cases money and a lot of documentation about our costs for vet bills, food, transportation, housing, etc. I have never claimed to have offical non-profit status or that donations would be tax deductible. I honestly don't really see a question in that..

Here's a quote from what I said on that listing in case some cannot view it: "We are looking into getting a certificate for non-profit, but we've yet to put things in motion."

Rodere will have two different divisions. We will rescue homeless and abandoned pet rats. If there are none or very very few that we have in need of homes and if several people get on a waiting list for a litter, then we will put into effect our breeding program. I already have two pedigreed females, but I am in the process of getting a pedigreed male. He should be born this week.

I want to be able to provide well socialized happy rats with a good genetic background from their ancestors. Around here the only rats people usually get are from petstores. I want to keep people from supporting a place like that and getting an unsocialized rat who will probably have behavioral problems, not to mention health problems or be pregnant. I have already stated that the petstore rats around here have severe aggression issues.

I intend to continue rescuing and also to breed the right way. There is nothing contradictory about that and I would not be the only place doing it. For example Pirattery also runs Rat ReRuns, a rescue organization.

So what, out of all I've said countless times before, indicates you even need to ask those questions? Their answers can be found in the very place you got your questions from, if you read carefully. What in that, if anything, is like what you have been doing, like passing off your purposeful litter as an 'accident' and telling people they are rescues. Rescues aren't born to a rat you own unless you got her while she was pregnant. Not to mention your non-existant non-profit status. I don't see you putting an answer to that.
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I know the process takes time, It's just you have proven my point. You can get a non-profit Cert. over night. I wanted to know why people are harping on me about not having one? I say I’m in the process just as you are and I'm a horrible person because I don't have one before hand? This is just what I meant. Like I said I’m not trying to attack you (I know it proble seemed like it). I can also in a way understand wanting to have litters available for possible adopters but wouldn't it be better to just have a waiting list than to produce more rats when there are so many that are already homeless out there?
My mom is going to stop breeding rats because of 1. Her health and 2. A fellow member pointed out to me that it didn't really make since to be breeding rats while also finding homes for homeless ones. I'm really not trying to attack you or anyone else. I just meant it as a harmless question? It was also more of a general question but I see now I had worded it horribly. I am more than with you for helping people not to buy pet store rats. I wont lie I’ve gotten pet store rats before I’m no perfect person, know one is :p. Once again I’m not trying to make you look bad, I just wanted to point out that I’m not the only one in the process of getting non-profit status.
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this topic is locked. posting dirty laundry will not be tolerated. please do not post links to other forums. it has also gone significantly off topic.
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