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Hello all!

My name is dumblydork... or Tori, your choice!

Many years ago (not that many), I picked up 2 rats from a breeder (not a very good breeder since most of the rats had health problems) and they began my love for rats!

At the time, my old boyfriend and I only kept two males, Dexter and Harrison, and then when Harrison passed we bought Foof. Now all 3 of them have crossed the bridge and are in little monkey heaven.

Recently I bought 3 feeder rats, so sold by size, from a local pet store. My boyfriend didn't want the males and their... manliness, so I picked out females. I figured they'd be pregnant, because this place had them in 10 gallon tanks both genders, maybe 6-12 rats a tank. I was horrible! The babies I chose were a full grown blonde (cinnamon?) girl, Daisy, who had cuts and dried blood on her, but when I picked her up she curled up and fell right asleep on me, then I went into another tank with mediums and one black and white hooded girl (Misty) and a black and white bareback girl (Yuffie) came right up to me, one more nervous than the other, the none nervous one (Yuffie) licking me and missing a piece of one of her dumbo ears. I took them, brought them home and gave them baths, and fell even more in love.

Then came the obviousness that Yuffie was pregnant! So I set up her cage as best I could and waited and I went to check on her one day and there was the chirping! She gave birth to 11 babies, 3 boys and 8 girls, and unfortunately one of the boys passed in the first few days.

I then noticed Daisy and her belly. Originally, I had thought that Daisy was pregnant, but the tell-tale signs weren't there until after Yuffie gave birth, so I moved her and Misty to a second cage and waited. One day I came home for lunch and there were 2 babies with Daisy. A boy and a girl!

Then I opted to take in 4 male rats that someone needed a home for.... and now I have 19 rats... and then some because I also have a guinea pig and 2 chinchillas.
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