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2, F, Watsonville, Cali., U.S.A

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I'm moving out of state soon and I can't take all my girls with me so I need to find a new home or homes for 2 of them.

Number of rats:2
Age(s):Between 8-11 monthes
Name(s):Nezume & Velvet
Colours:Black & white blazed hooded & Black dumbo with white on underside & white socks
Reason for rehoming:Moving & can't take with me. :cry:
Temperment:Very friendly & loving
Medical problems:None
Will the group be split:If need be
Transport available:Yes but very limited
URL of Pictures:Ratsy picsThe 3-4th pics are Nezume & the 5-6th are Velvet
Preferred donation:Anything

So if anyone can take my babys please Pm me and we can start from there. :)
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Re: Home(s) needed ASAP!!!!!!

please adjust your title to the proper format so it easier for the people veiwing to know if they can even help.
Re: Home(s) needed ASAP!!!!!! 2, F, Watsonville, Cali., U.S.

well you got it part but it would seem you missed something in your reading of the format outline. so i'll qoute it for you:

"in the subject heading please indicate the number of rats, gender and location ONLY."

all the rats posted here need homes and all of them need them as soon as possible. saying that in your subject heading is redunant and useless. please only give the pertient information in the heading.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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