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Country: USA
State/Region: California
City/Town: Bay Area
Number of rats: 2
Gender: Female
Age(s): Unknown, young, probably around year
Name(s): Ebony and Runway
RUNWAY: Black Hood/Solid Black Back Blaze/White
EBONY: PEW, very nice soft white coat
Neutered: No
Reason for rehoming: These two were given over to North Star Rescue, she believes was a oops litter for the both of them. I am their Foster mother.
Temperament: Both are sweet and come around once you get them out of the cage. They are still a bit curious when it comes to using their mouth. they have not bitten hard and have not drawn blood, just surprise nips.
Medical problems: None.
Will the group be split: No, or you will have to talk to Lauren about that. they are bonded though and would be a shame to separate them.
Transport available: Yes
Other: These two girls deserve a wonderful home and with some little easy time they will make wonderful girls. They just need to get accustomed of being wanted.

You can find information about them here.


For adoption information please Contact Lauren,

Or if you want any more information please email me at:
[email protected]

or message me here.
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