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City/Town:Red Bluff
Number of rats:4
Sex:2 male 2 female
Age(s): 4months and 1 week
Name(s):prince, Splinter, Tiny, BabyBerky
Colours:Siamese, 2Berkshires, bearback hooded
Neutered: no
Reason for rehoming: Splinter's old owners were moving and couldn't bring him. The other three I breed on purpose and had homes for them but new owners backed out and were never hurd from again.
Temperament: LOVE being out their cage and playing, LOVE being handled
Medical problems: none
Will the group be split: tiny & Baby live together and I will be introducing splinter & prince soon
Transport available: To parts of chico & red Bluff possible farther
URL of Pictures: http://umgaziranchratrescue.tripod.com/id5.html
URL of Videos:Found on link above ^^
Preferred donation: we charge $10.00 single and $15.00 for a pair (single only if you have proof of a same sex buddy at home)

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So... are you a breeder or a rescue? Or both? The bred on purpose part confused me because I didn't see any pedigrees.
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