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Cross post from rat rescue yahoo group
I received the email below. If anyone can help, please contact Jamie
at the Newport Beach Animal shelter (EDITED OUT NUMBER) ASAP as these 2
friendly males only have until this Friday. Here is the email I received:

>>Hi Debra,
I just got a call from Jamie of the Newport Beach Animal Shelter
that is close to LA, California.

She said that someone has turned in 2 boy ratties that were
found dumped in a cage by a dumpster. She said the boys are
really friendly and were clearly pets.

They are looking to rehome the ratties before this Friday
which is the day they are scheduled to be put to sleep. So
she was calling organizations that might be able to help.

If you can help them, Jamie's number is <EDITED OUT NUMBER>

If someone can pick them up from the shelter, then they could
be adopted out to the rattie community.<<

If you are able to help, I would appreciate if you could please let
me know so I can let the person know who sent the email to me.
Thank you

Please PM me for the phone numbers that were edited out.
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