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Hi! (back story)I got my first two rats at PetSmart (I'm aware this is much less than ideal). I loved them so much, I wanted more. Almost two months later, I got 3 sweet babies from a breeder. All 5 are boys.

The older, petsmart rats are not so great with the litter box. I'd say their solid litter makes it in the box about 50% on the best days. Funnily enough, I was scared to bring the babies home, thinking the elder would not teach the youngers about the litter box and I'd have 5 horrible potty-ers. FF to getting the babies home. They are miraculous. I think they go in the litter box like 95% on a regular basis!!!From day ONE!

Now,the two sets have not met yet. We are ending quaratine time, and I'm getting ready to set up the cages next to each other today.My question for you all is in regards to when they can (hopefully) all live together. I have a DCN. I'm very scared the babies with regress if they watch the elders rarely use the box... or would it be the other way around? Could the babies teach the elders? If I end up with 5 rats that potty like the petsmart guys I will be a stressed out mama. With a DCN I am fully prepared to have them sleepin seperate halves of the cage if I need to, but I'd really like all my guys to be one happy family.

Any words of advice or thoughts?? Thank you all!
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