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Re: Onlyono - Please Read

haha, too late, matt. :) i took a long time to post cuz i had to go get pics, so here are some more updated ones and my post:

haha, yay! i'm okay with that. i just thought i was in trouble for something, lol.

picasso is (as far as i understand genetics/coloring/coats, etc) a dumbo double-rex black (or other dark color) berkshire. her ears are far down on her head, and definitely below eyeline, so she's definitely a dumbo. she *does* grow some hair, as she's usually covered in a fine curly fuzz, but she loses most of it in a few days after i notice a thicker fuzz, except around her face and thighs. the hair she does grow in is dark, black, from what i can tell, except on her belly, where it's definitely white. so if she were able to keep hair, lol, she would be a berkshire. i don't think that picasso can be considered a true hairless because she *does* grow hair, but i'm not sure if you call these rats "mock hairless" or just double-rex.

i just ran upstairs and took these pics, lol, so they're the most recent of my rattie's cage.

this is the cage as a whole. it was a birdcage from petsmart or whereever, i got it off craigslist for $30, although i had to drive 45 miles to get it, ha ha:

top half:

bottom half (including never-used hammock and much-loved ramen box):
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