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Just thought I would share with everyone that we had 3 rat releases yesterday from two different people. We got a champagne bareback hooded male whos about 4ish months old. Then a 1 1/2yr old albino female with her cage mate 1yr old dumbo rex female the oldest is Temple-Tina and then the dumbo is Sysillia. None of them came from horrible living, Splinter (the male) was in a cage MUCH too small for him and alone!! :( both very good food and a nice clean cage, He's going through QT and after will be moved into a MUCH larger cage. The girls we're in a nice big rabbit cage but after QT I plan on moving them into the 5 store book shelve cage I have with the other rescue girls. I'll attach pictures of them at the bottom, Just thought I would share with everyone :D.


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