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State/Region: Delaware
City/Town: Newark
Number of rats: 5
Age(s):4 are 1 and 1 is 2
Name(s): Millie, Scruffy, Ninja, Chipper and Little scrap
Colours: Colors go in the same order as the names above. 2yr old PEW, Blonde Rex, Black and white, two white PEWs
Reason for rehoming: In august I will be moving in with my boyfriend who is allergic.
Temperament: They are all very sweet and adventurous. I have never been bitten by any of them.
Medical problems: none
Will the group be split: if necessary
Transport available: I can drive a couple of hours maybe more if necessary
Other: They really are my sweet angels and I hate to give them up. I am willing and hoping to wait as close to august as possible. IF i can get my crazy ladies to hold still long enough I will post pictures
URL of Pictures:
URL of Videos:
Preferred donation:
Would you like them advertised on myspace www.myspace.com/dontbu..._animals?:
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