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Hi guys.

I recently purchase my newest male, Charlie from a well known breeder in my area who I've grown to trust. When Charlie came home he was very loving and liked to cuddle up in my shirt to be held. He also got along amazingly with my adult male, Arthur and the two are inseparable. In the past few days baby Charlie has become very fearful of me, running from my hand and trying to run away if I pick him up. I typically scoop him up in the palm of my hand, which has not differed from the time I have gotten him.

Is such a behavior change normal for this time period in his life (8 weeks old)? I have only so far adopted adult and one so young is a little foreign to me. I want to ensure that I've not done something to frighten him, and if so, how can I gain his trust back?


Love from Riley and Charlie

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