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So, my rat Templeton (my other rat Gimli, his foot is all healed up btw) got a mysterious wound on the top of his neck. I don’t know what happened or how he got it but it had to have been within the last few hours because I didn’t notice anything wrong with him yesterday. Earlier today my brother was snuggling with him and said that he was squeaking every time he was touched. An hour or two later I find out why. I was just feeding my rats some leftover fries I had when I noticed the wound. I made a video about it right after to show my brother what happened, (he was at work at the time) and I also took a picture. I spoke to my mom about it and texted my dad about it too, but he is sleeping so he hasn’t responded yet, but my mom said to wait until he wakes up to see what he says about taking Templeton to the vet. (I feel like my dad will try not to take Templeton to the vet because of the cost. He has done this for Gimli, and The ONLY time they have been to vet is when we checked out their flea problem. It always makes me mad when he always says just wait and see what happens.) my dads girlfriend was upstairs so I told her the situation and she told me if it isn’t bleeding, and if he can walk, he doesn’t need to go to the vet. This made me angry but I didn’t yell at her. (I don’t like to yell at people) I kept my cool until I went downstairs into my room. I want to take good care of my rats and I feel like I’m torturing them by not taking them to the vet. Even if all the vet does is put ointment on the wound and put a bandage on it too, I’d rather have that than to sit and wait hoping for the best while the wound could possibly get infected. If I can’t convince my dad to take him to the vet I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to have my rat, possibly in pain, and getting infected, to be like that. I want to take good care of my rats but sometimes I feel like I’m torturing them.

Here is the picture:

It doesn’t look that big in the picture, but in is bigger than it looks.
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