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Greetings, rat forum friends!
Isn't is just terrible what us humans are doing to the world? In 12 years, we are supposed to suffer from gasses. Pollution has made our magical lakes and creeks foamy. Standing in a beautiful place in the "magical hour", when the sun is going down behind our beautiful mountains, whether its a luscious field, a beautiful mountain, or even a hill in the city, doesn't it make you mad that us humans are quickly destroying the to-beautiful-for-words world that God has given us so magnanimously? So I've decided to start a club, or society, that is simply. Its no big commitment. All you have to do is take care of our wonderful planet. Some suggestions are:
-Do not pollute
-Don't waste food or paper, or anything else
-Be kind to animals
-Don't destroy, in any way, animals homes
-Spread the word of this club to family member and friends
Some more complicated suggestions:
-Start petitions
-Talk to our officials

It's just a drop in the ocean, but we CAN help our planet. It'll be an unspoken club...a link between us, who are going to work for the world. In the comments, we can even discuss a name to call ourselves, even though its not official. I'm going to alert some people I know about this. Feel free to PM me! We can talk about more great ways in the private messaging and in the comments. Thank you all!!!! Thank you very much for reading!!!
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