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A happy Ratty or a ratty cold?!

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I got my one little one, Cocoa Chanel, then read they need a bussy so a few days after i got my first, i got Marie Antoinette. I work at the place where i got them from, so i know they are taken care of, but even when i first got home, i noticed Marie Antoinette chatters alot then after a lil chatter, she sneezes or a similar noise...

I'm unsure if shes just happy that she is out of the fate of snake food, or if it might be a lil cold.

and she looks fine. active. clear eyes. big appetite. no runny nose.

a ratty cold or a happy ratty? suggestions?
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It sounds like she is just getting used to her new environment. How long have you had her?

I'm sure you know, with working at a pet store(?), that rats shouldn't be kept on pine or cedar bedding. If you have either of those, that could be causing the sneezing.

Depending on how long you've had her, I would bet that it's just new home adjustment sniffles.
I would just wait a couple of days and watch to see if it improves. I think you'll see a difference with each day, as she settles down. If she gets any worse, you should take her for a check up.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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