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We had guests over for the holidays, so it was time for them to meet strangers. I was a little nervous since I read a lot of issues with other half wilds having issues with people they are not familiar with.

Turns out there was no worries. They did a little tentative sniffing at first, sniffing fingers and backing off a bit and looking at them. Then they decided all was good and was climbing their shoulders, jumping their hands in their playful style. Hopping around them and just fully accepting them as part of the group. My daughters boyfriend had never been around rats and was really nervous. The boys did so well, they would climb him and sit on his shoulder and just sit there being calm, letting him nervously pet them. It's like they knew he was nervous, they were so gentle with him when inviting him to play. They made no fast moves on him and would just sit and let him pet them.

They are a little over 12 weeks now and just a bunch of sweethearts. They all have different personalities. Fizzlybear is super playful and loves to play wrestle. he'll run and pounce your hand and then roll over wanting a little tickles on his tummy, then he bounces around and it starts again. Jelli doesn't play much even with his brothers. He likes to lay next to you or on your lap and get ear rubs till he yawns and falls asleep. Buzzle is all over the place and the only one who likes to go on the floor and investigate away from the comfort of being within vision of the humans. Mousemallow is super vocal and squeeks about everything. He squeeks when he jumps on his brothers, squeaks when they jump on him, squeeks when we pick him up or pet him. He's funny, cause he doesn't run away or act upset, he's just loud. Zumbug is a thief and keeps stealing our stuff.

All in all, I think they are not much if any different in behavior than full domestics.
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