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A Long Overdue Registration

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Well first and foremost, hello fellow rattie lovers!! Basically I have been following this site for over a year now and never made an account for reasons I'm not quite sure of myself. But I was taking a break at work and browsing the forum (as I usually do in my off time) and decided, what the hay!? I figured it might be nice talking with other rat lovers for a change considering I'm the only one I know. I was putting this introduction off because I have way too much to say and knew I'd probably drag on but I'll try to be good!

My name is Kay. I joined the world of ratties February of 2014 on a complete and crazy whim. Saw them online at a local humane society, decided I needed them, and less than a week later I had two new additions to my family. Baby, and Ghost. It was actually hilarious because I was so excited I may have forgotten to tell my father that I was adopting and my mother had just assumed that he knew! It wasn't until the day before I went to get them when he found out. He bickered a bit but I told him it was already a done deal, and then begged him until he said fine. Anyway, they were my first pair and even with all the research I'd done before hand I had no idea what I was doing. This forum was literally my savior over and over again.

Unfortunately this past February I lost Baby and she was my only one left. I lasted 10 days before the silence in my room brought me back to the humane society where I found my current two boys, Duke and Hartley. Once again, somehow my dad didn't know until after I bought my new cage and he saw my sister and I bringing the massive pieces upstairs. It took me a while to bond with them but once again RatForum had my back and now we are great! So now I'm here and really excited to meet everyone and their babies.

<3 Kay (You don't even want to know how many times I erased paragraphs of unneeded information. Kept telling myself, "Kay...your babbling.")
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Welcome to the forum, you're awesome. ^_^

Babble away, we are all babblers here and we greet said babbling with open arms!!

Excited to see more posts from you! ! :)
Much greatness has emerged from past babbles so please don't hold back :p oh and welcome kay!
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