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A Rats Sex-Free Life

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Sometimes I wonder if its healthy keeping the Male's seperate their whole lives. Rats must be highly sexual in the wild, and to just keep the sexes apart and never allow them to mate, develope relationships with their opposites seems strange.
What kind of relationship developes with an intact male and a spayed female? do they have sex? can they without the female in heat?
What about an neutered male and a spayed female? do they see each other as something beyond just two Rats? do they bond deeper than two males?
Sometimes it just seems weird that they are celebate.
I see the Rats life as a very, very pampered prisoner. I give them everything I can think of to make them happy, but can't help thinking what they really want is to meet that other 'half' and go about the business of keeping house.
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I think my rats are just fine. My males seem to take their urges out on each other >_> And they have same sex friends to sleep with and groom which is a very deep relationship in my eyes. Don't see why they sexes have to differ to see their lives as fulfilled. My gay rats are happy and healthy.

I think you are anthropomorphizing too much honestly. Your rats are fine, they don't need to knock someone up to feel happy, it's hormonal. They don't get the same adrenaline rush and please humans do from sex, it only last like a second lol. It's more hormonal drive than anything else. I think they experience love more from the same sex in that they aren't required to mate to receive love, attention and grooming.

And in the wild, females can run away from groups of males and groups of males are usually smaller. So yeah it's not a natural order to have a 'gang bang' in rats :p
It's up to debate as to whether humans are naturally monogomous or if that's part of society telling us we are.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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