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It's been a busy week between taking care of my mother post hip replacement and working my regular job but I've still found time to work with the ratties every day for at least a good forty-five minutes to an hour. Mamma has been getting steadily more comfortable with my hand at the door of the cage or outside it(she still nips if I'm poking around in the cage but not enough to hurt, I guess this is just her way).

Thursday we had a real breakthrough though! A friend will be staying with us for a few weeks and she moved in Thursday evening. Once we had her things inside and she was settled, I decided to introduce her to my sweet little mischief. Everyone poked out of their hiding places to say hi but nobody really seemed to want to come out. I reached in to pull Olive and Ivy out to see if they would want to play but when I held Ivy to the friend's shoulder, she decided to run up my arm, across my shoulder, and jumped from my elbow right back into the cage. It didn't seem like she was scared because she still turned back around to sniff at me and get scritches. She just wasn't down for cuddling and Olive soon followed her back inside. I brought Tiny out next and when I held her up to my friend's shoulder, she was happy to march right over and snuggle into her neck/under her hair. Tip followed soon after and roamed over her arms, shoulders, ect.

While she played with the two of them, I held my hand up to the cage for Mamma, Olive, and Ivy to try and coax them to come out. Everyone was interested in putting two, sometimes even three feet on my hand but they wouldn't actually climb on all the way. After ten or fifteen minutes of this waiting I was getting a little tired of holding my hand in place for so long. Plus it was hard to pay attention to them and talk to my friend at the same time. So I turned to face my friend with my back more or less to the cage and just rested my elbow at the door and the trio just loved this. Mamma was the first to hop up on my arm and marched right up onto my shoulder with the twins behind her. She snuggled my cheek, nibbled my ear, roamed down my torso, and just seemed thrilled for the chance to explore. The twins weren't quite as bold and seemed to just get a kick out of running up my arm to hide under my hair then scurrying back into the cage.

After a while, Mamma didn't seem content with just running around on me and I could tell by her purposeful looks toward my bed that this was where she wanted to go. So I moved my hand to the bed and she ran down my arm quick as a wink. On the first trip, she roamed around to map the area out. I had a couple boxes and hides set up with different treats and toys stashed away inside and she got a kick out of these. She'd find a treat and come running back to the edge of the bed expectantly. I'd give her my arm and she'd hop right back up and "steer" me with her nose to show she wanted back in the cage. So began her transport back and forth for the better part of an hour. Tip urged my friend to set her loose on the bed too after watching her mother do this for a while and explored for a short time before following Mamma up my arm in a trip back to the cage. I finally got tired of playing this game and she went back to nibbling/grooming my ears. It gave me a lot of opportunities to touch and pet her and she seemed to be less and less worried about it. In the meantime, Tiny spent the whole time snuggled contently into my friend's neck and munched happily on yogurt treats when they were offered. She even started bruxing a couple times! I'm not sure how long we played with them, probably about two hours, and they were all quite tired when they finally went back into the cage.

Then Saturday evening I checked in on them before getting ready for work. I wasn't really planning for a big song and dance but I had some fresh fruit and veggie trimmings to share with everyone. To my surprise, when I held my hand up to the door, Mamma came bumbling right up onto it and made her way right up to my shoulder before taking a piece of strawberry and running back to the cage. All four little ones followed suit. They didn't seem as keen on taking the food while they were climbing on me but they were definitely enjoying checking me out. They gave me kisses, let me scritch them, and were just all around cuddly! At one point I stood up to get them a new box of kleenex to destroy(I store them on top of the cage for convenience) and the next thing I know, everyone is grabbing at my shirt and trying to climb up my chest. I had to put an arm down to give them a ledge so I could step back because they were so determined I was worried they might fall when I moved! Tip and Ivy climbed from my arm to the outside bars of the cage and had a merry old time climbing all over and exploring the outside of their home. What was suppose to be a quick meet and greet turned into a nearly hour long play session! I was sad to have to close up shop and get ready for work but I can't wait to let my little imps loose when I get off work later this morning! I can tell Mamma was mad at me for not carting her between the bed and cage as much as she wanted me. I can't wait to see how much she enjoys getting to roam around the whole bedroom and I think she might be ready to take that step soon!

No pictures to share this time I'm afraid but hopefully I'll have more for the next entry I make!
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