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Accidental little bundles of joy.

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So, at the beginning of January, I decided to get a rat, then after reading up on them, decided that rat should have a companion. I now have Da Vinci and Picasso. Before, I was certain they were the same gender, and both male. Now I'm still certain they're the same gender, but they're both girls! While Da Vinci has been with me for a month now and no babies, I got Picasso a couple weeks ago and imagine my surprise, I went away for a weekend and came back to discover a litter of babies in a box after hearing the box squeaking. Clearly, Picasso came to me pregnant. While she's doing a great job taking care of them (I can see milk in their bellies and she insists on putting lots of warm fluffy stuff in with them, I wonder if I should be concerned about having another female rat in the cage with a new mother?
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no worrys. i keep 3 females and 1 male together at my store when i breed. all the females will nurse all the babys without discimination.
did the store you buy them from have "pets" seperated from "feeders"?
i only ask because we charge $10 for our mainly hoodie fancy rats and less then half of that price for feeders so i would think they would not just sell them as food if they could make more money selling as pets.
i understand most pet stores do not do the right thing as far as rats are concerned but they all want to make the most money they can.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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