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Well, I've been wanting rats for a while now, and while we were at Petsmart getting a hamster Monday, my mom decided I could get a rat. She liked a black hooded, and since our Petsmart is a 'female' store, we ended up with the outgoing female, who we named Valerie. We ended up delaying the hamster. Our puppy, Sugar, was a bit under the weather, so we scheduled her an appointment at Banfield for the next day, because I had an optometrist appointment to go to, and my brother would be going to get his glasses fitted. So, after my not-so-fun visit the next day, we were homeward bound until Sugar's appointment.
Her appointment lasted about an hour or so, and my brother had fallen in love with a Robo the day before. So off to the small animal section we went. In the same cage Val had been in, one came out and put her paws on the glass, so I decided 'What the heck, I know they like friends', and the cage was opened. Well, both of the light-colored rats were skittish, so we decided to look into the other cage and see if we could find her a friend. Suffice to say, we came away with another, slightly smaller, black hooded rat we named Vivianne, and a Chinese Dwarf my brother named Jello. Right now, the rats are living in a tiny store-bought cage until I feel well enough to put together the DIY cage I got the same night I got Viv.
Val is outgoing but dislikes being held, and Viv is shy and is less resistant. Hopefully whenever I get their new cage set up, I can go to the local rescue and see about getting a few more girls. Until then, socialization and trust training it is!
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