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Advice for escape proofing cage?

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A few months ago I got a new baby rat to join my other 2 males. They are now ages: 1 year, 10 months, and 4 months. The 4 month old rat, Farris, is a little escape artist and just so wild and curious and full of energy! My other two have always been super chill and never escaped from their cage. This little one escapes every night, climbs in the bed with me and explores the bedroom. Now this might not sound so bad.. but he does poop and pee everywhere, he made a nest in a box in my closet, he has chewed some of my clothes in drawers and he collects things and chews them up, including important papers and books. I wrapped the cage in mesh wire and this stopped him from escaping for a while.. but now he has chewed a large hole through the bottom plastic of the cage! Any advice/ suggestions on how I can fix this hole and make it to where he can’t chew through the bottom again? I can’t buy a new one right this moment. They have plenty of toys and enough space, they play together and get along well and they get play time outside of the cage..
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Have they been chewing holes in the cage
Yes, he chewed a hole through the bottom corner big enough to go in and out through
Both of them
Just the youngest one. The other two are content with being in the cage
Is the cage old because that would make it very easy to escape
Nope, just bought it a little less than a year ago
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