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Backstory: So I've always known my rat Spleens as a sweet and energetic girl, but I knew she needed a friend so I got her one. I accidentally got a male as I was so excited to get another rat I didn't check properly. Long story short, he's been neutered so I'm not worried about mating. My newer and younger rat (the boy) is named Spines and he just minds his own business, giving people kisses and cuddling.

I let Spleens run around my room (which is where her cage is) for hours each day but Spines' cage is also in my room. Currently, Spines (the boy) is in a little cage and Spleens is in a big cage (with the levels removed so she has to stay physically closer to him). When Spleens runs around my room, sometimes she'll walk up to his cage and hit it, trying to gnaw her way in and bite him. She is not a fan of Spines at all, and in the past when he was in his cage and sniffed her (with NO signs of aggression on his part) she bit the end of his finger and we had to take him to the vet.
I'm worried if I use the carrier method Spleens is going to seriously injure Spines. I don't know what to do. I've also had Spleens in a small cage and Spines in his small cage in a neutral space with the cages close, and she still tries to hurt him from her cage.

Silver Lining: They've been on a counter before (neutral space with Spines' cage close in case I had to shield him) at the same time and Spleens left him alone because there were a lot of treats she was eating (apple, banana, seeds, etc).
My Theories: Maybe Spleens doesn't like his cage in her territory (my bedroom), maybe I should move them both to a neutral space? Maybe I should more often put them on the counter (and watch carefully of course) with a ton of treats?

I've never introduced rats before and I feel like I'm really messing this up. It's been over a month and there's only been the slightest amount of progress. I want them to be friends but am I making things worse? Please help.
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