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Alyssa Pics!!.....

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Hmmm the photo album thing isnt letting me upload my pics.... so I guess for now ill just post my pics of Alyssa....

Alyssa's so cute!!!! just look at that face!

Its hard to take pics of Alyssa... she wont sit still for a sec!

Alyssa was trying to hide under Bonnie ((my dog))....

Here Bonnie watching Alyssa... what a good "Watch" dog! hehe...

Well if Alyssa would sit still i'd be able to take a good pic of her... well shes just being a Rat pup, lol.
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the pics are a little hard to see. they're kinda small and slightly pixeled. but from what i can see you have a very cute rat baby. is she a patchwork?

but you can post pics directly here from photobucket. just add


then yu don't have to resize them quite so small though 600x600 makes it easiest for us to view them.
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a patchwork is also known as a double rex. their fur and whiskers are curly but what makes a double rex different then a rex is that the hair is so curly that it will fall out and grow back in leaving your rat looking patchy. they can even go completely bald before their hair grows in again.
the pictures aren't good enough for me to be able to really tell. sorry
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