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Alyssa Pics!!.....

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Hmmm the photo album thing isnt letting me upload my pics.... so I guess for now ill just post my pics of Alyssa....

Alyssa's so cute!!!! just look at that face!

Its hard to take pics of Alyssa... she wont sit still for a sec!

Alyssa was trying to hide under Bonnie ((my dog))....

Here Bonnie watching Alyssa... what a good "Watch" dog! hehe...

Well if Alyssa would sit still i'd be able to take a good pic of her... well shes just being a Rat pup, lol.
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What do you mean by Patchwork?? as in the color design on her.. idk. I went to a Rat Breeder to find out but she just seid that she was an Amarican Blue Dumbo... but i think shes either a Grey Variegated or a Grey Split Cap/Stripe... but idk. Ive always had Berkshires and Hoodies so Alyssas new to me in several ways ((her color and being hairless)). I still love her though!!

Um heres a little better pic of her color patterns ((her head is grey))...
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Oh i new that... jk, lol umm well yea i guess thats what she is cuz when i got her she only had a little bald spot on her shoulders.. now almost her whole back is bald. I didnt really notice the hair loss till last night.. but im not worried cuz the pet store warned me that that might happen.. but they didnt say what it was called.. grrr, lol

But yea thank you for giving me that info.. i didnt know that. now my next quest is to figure out what the true name of her color is called... any ideas??
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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