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Alyssa's weird food fedish???

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So like I was preparing alyssas food today and while I was preparing it I figured id give her a peice to snack on till her food was ready ((she seemed restless about it)) so I gave it to her then I remembered a game I heard about that you could play with your rat... "Food Tug-of-War", I thought it'd be cool to se how she reacted to the game so I sort of tugged on her food then let go ((to let her win)) and she freaked!!!

I'd never seen her act the way she did before!! I was sorta worried.. like she ran around the cage with her food and wouldnt stop.. so I tried the tug-of-war thing again and she freaked even more!!!! so I tried to pick her up to try and calm her down but she started sqeeking or something... I was worried... so I gave her her daily meal and left her alone to eat.
Any ideas on her behavior???


She was acting pretty restless today also... like something was wrong or going to happen. She kept running around her cage, chewing on the bars, and hanging upside down in her cage!! I let her out for a while like I usually do and she was normal again but still once I put her back in the cage she was restless again, normal shes pretty quiet in her cage and calm... idk what to say, think or how to react to it.... any ideas???
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Maybe she wants a friend? A same sex cage mate?
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