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I often will intro a pair of rats into a new colony if one isn't doing as well as the other. Its a hard decision sometimes but its made more for the other cagemate than the ailing one. They won't be alone and have to be intro'd after the loss of their only cagemate.

Amelia is doing amazingly but she still has some issues, so just in case I decided to intro to Shadow and the Boys.

I know that Lottie has been a bit fear aggressive with other rats and I found her to be a rubber/huffer, but I figured the boys wouldn't put up with it and would "settle her hash".

Amelia was accepted right away and Shadow and Amelia seem to really like each other, being soft, sweet, passive girls.
Lottie and Wilbur have clashed but nothing drastic at all. Wilbur is like an obnoxious teenager, and javakittie and I have come up with a High School scenario.

Lottie - new girl, bit of a tomboy, but very pretty :)
Amelia - shy small girl, overlooked but liked by all

Wilbur - the obnoxious jock who knows he's good looking
Otto - the quiet tall skinny geek

So Wilbur kept making his intentions known but Lottie wanted nothing to do with him...and being a typical teenage male, he just couldn't believe it. *doh*
Lottie seems to gravitate to Otto the geek. When she was in the carrier while the cage was being scrubbed she got scared and dived under Otto :D

Then she got brave and came out to see what Wilbur and Shadow were doing..

Shadow and Amelia in the newly done up cage

Wilbur, Shadow and Amelia

Lottie wasn't as happy about the whole thing and was very nervous so there were some face-off's and Wilbur kept pushing her buttons. Obnoxious boy :D

Java and I were trying to figure out if the girl would end up with the Jock or with the Geek like a bad 80's movie.

Well we got our answer. :mrgreen:

The Geek won the Girl.

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