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I always forget to make/am never good at these "intro" post...

However, my name is Danielle (GenerationalSavant (Gen), Boom_Wombat (Boom), and 15%Gratuity (Perce) to the web at large)... I answer to any or all of the above, and occasionally just to the call of "Free baked goods!" XP

I'm 18 and attending the University of North Texas.

I love animals, and almost all of mine are rescues.. I can never turn an animal in need away...

My current pets are:

Hudson (m) - Cat
Alimony (m) - Cat
Thistle (f) - Hedgehog
and then I'm hoping to add two ratties and a Fennec Fox to that list.

"Family" pets are:

Muffinale (f) - Cat
Snowflake (m) - Cat
Stella (f) - Cat
Rex (m) - Rabbit

and then my grandmother's massive hoard of strays she feeds and cares for (that I often help with)...
permanent members: 10 cats and 3 dogs
last estimate of repeat visitors: 7 cats (but one's preggers) and 0 dogs.

She's trying to Trap-Fix-Release all of the visitors, but some are evading capture.

Anyway, I am a random person who loves everything from cars to books, from foreign language to video games.

... Hi!!

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Welcome to the forum I hope you find some useful facts =] and what a big family you have I'm soo jealous lol a fennec fox i want one hehe
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