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A week ago my new male rattie Andy had bitten me pretty bad during a playtime session. Although I realized it was own fault for not paying attention to the numerous warning signs he was giving me, I was going to relinquish him back to the breeder. But after posting the incident on the forum and reading the advice folks gave I decided to keep him and start to regain his trust. My hand is healed due to the quick response of some friends who are doctors and saw it was infected. It now just looks like two little scab marks.

After reading the immersion article I began to rebuild our relationship and I am happy to report things are going very well with Andy and my two other boys. In fact, I had planned on getting him neutered and after a few days of working with him I cancelled the appt. I am much more confident around him and more assertive when he does something I don't like so he understands who is in charge.

Now he seeks me out whenever I come home, and comes out of the cage for a snuggle or kisses. He climbs up my arms and wraps his big tail around my neck like a hug. When he climbs on top of his cage, he even climbs on my shoulder to help him get down. I think I have discovered his sweet spots and have scratched him till he was asleep.

So thank you to all who helped me see past that ugly moment so I could work towards more beautiful moments together.
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