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Many of you have probably heard of my lovely little girl, Lily. Smallest of 4 sisters and a sweet troublesome little PEW.

Recently had problems with a persistant URI, in which she managed to get a crackly chest - which stayed crackly for a couple of weeks (longer than usual) The crackle has now been gone for a week, approx, minus this Friday night where it reappeared over night, cleared up with Bisolvon and has yet to reappear (cross fingers)

I know URIs can take it out of the poor little things - but her weight loss seems dramatic. So far she's lost 30g this week alone! I'm keeping a chart daily to see what she weighs, so I can keep as close of an eye as possible on her. She's getting very small and skinny - she's barely a pinch on the size she used to be.

She's also suffered with lice recently too (all of my rats, minus the hairless, have now been treated) so her scraggly fur hopefully will soon start growing back and I hope that after this is over, she may start piling the chub back on.

She seems to be eating fine - although I can't keep a very good check because of her sisters being piggies, she's always happy to take treats and always seems interested in any play-time food left around. I have started separating her from her sisters for an hour or so a day with a dish of babyfood to eat. I also offer her some Ensure when I defrost it.

I took her to the vets today - he gave her a thorough check over. Her gum colour is fine, no lumps or bumps inside her, her eyes are bright etc.

I'm just worried, you know?

She's on Baytril and Doxy right now - I'm going to wait 7 days after the last symptom of this URI before stopping.

Is there anything else anyone can suggest? Anyone seen this before? Any reasons for this that I may be missing? I don't want to be blindsighted by her URI and possibly miss something important

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