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Should I get another rat?

Another rat?

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My boys are almost 2 years old now and I found out Jay may have a tumor. Bob loves Jay and I have a feeling the Jay my pass alot sooner than Bob :cry: I know that Bob is going to take it hard and I was wondering if I should introduce a new baby sooner rather than later so that Bob would have a friend to be with and get comfort from. Not sure....what do you all think?
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Yes I just got it! lol. For some reason its not telling me when I get a new msg. :p
I already took him to a vet. He doesnt know and the only way to find out is to get a sample of it and take it to a lab to be tested. Just the test alone is $50 and to have it removed (if its a tumor) will be $200. Im going to be checking to see if its an abscess tomorrow.
Night- I would deff. get the little on his/her own cage and I would quarantine as well.

Bob is very loving! I think he would except a new rat into him home. You can never be too sure though. >.<
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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