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As many of you may, or may not know i work at Pets at Home, a large pet store chain similar to Petsmart in the US (only with much better standards of care from what i've heard). The company has just launched a new adoption scheme, where we take in any unwanted animals, either from rescues or individual people, and find them new homes with responsible owners, encouraging people to adopt rather than buy from us.

Last week two gorgeous mink does arrived. Their owner was apparently allergic to them (though it must have taken her a while to realise that as they already look to be about 5 months old), and so we are now trying to find them a good home together. I don't believe that they are pet store rats. We never, ever have pedigree colours in, and we've never had a rat sent to us, or any other store in the region, that is mink or even looks similar to a mink. Their disposition also makes me think that they were very well socialised from an eary age. They are both very friendly, sweet does, and while they are comfortable and well-cared for, i'm desperate for them to find a good forever-home.

I know the chances of someone living in my area are desperately slim, but i thought i might as well try and give the girls some publicity. They have fantastic personalities, and if i had the room i would snap them up in a second :) If anyone is interested or able to take them in, let me know.

This is the address of the Pets at Home store they are currently at:

Unit 3a The Peel Centre
Harsborough Hill Road
South Yorkshire
S71 1JE

tel: 0845 641 4129
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