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I have a red-eyed martin breed(or a red eyed devil, lol). They are pretty rare and more expensive rats(I got mine for half the price tho, and I love my Eugeneo beano) so I just wanted to know if anyone else had one!! :D

They start off with a brown stripe down their back and then they fade to a silver color. Mine is also a silvermane so he's a bit different and his fur is MUCH softer. And he's also a dwarf Dumbo 馃ぃ He's a red-eyed marten/devil silvermane dwarf dumbo-
boy, that's a lot wheezing sounds

If you do have a red-eyed marten/devil, do you find your rat's fur randomly changing? XD because my rat's fur randomly changes ;-; is that weird?? Because I think it's very odd. At one point he had a rusty color on his head, now he has a very random white spot on his head, and a brown-ish patch above his muzzle ;-;

Carnivore Whiskers Ear Fawn Mustelidae

Head Eye Rat Rodent Whiskers

Felidae Cloud Whiskers Comfort Grey

Pink Fawn Whiskers Cloud Snout
< my snuggly baby
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Leg Comfort Neck Thigh Pink
< this pick is older. As I said martens have a brown stripe down their back when they are younger and it fades away when they get older
Comfort Fawn Whiskers Snout Ear
< this is a really good picture of his brown stripe when he was a little child (ignore his brother, they were having sleepy time) sigh I miss his little stripe strokes picture


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I don't have one. But yours sounds cute!!
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