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SO! It's the dreaded de-licing moment (sorry El Rattos!)

The cages are cleaned

The rats have been weighed (the fattest of the pack have been identified o.o)

And I am now reading the instructions on the pack of the Xenex.

Basically, I have to apply between 4 and 10 drops of Xenex (depending on weight) in the fur on the back of the neck and base of the tail - which is fine.

But what the heck do I do about my hairless?!

I'm assuming that the lice will find them an inhospitable environment due to lack of fur anyway - so should I even need to?

All my hairless' - minus Daphne - are singletons and therefore not in cages with the effected furries anyway. And I've not seen as much as one lice (louse?) on any of them.

So I'm thinking that I shouldn't need to do the hairless' - just wanted to make sure peoples opinions concur
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