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Are Males that bad?

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Ok, Ive had bad times with male rats before. I had two and they just were horrible biters, since day one. I ended up being scared of them but I kept them none the less and let them live out there lives, but it made me sad. I also here about other male rats becoming nasty until the point where they have to be neutered.

[Im down for neutering, but maybe in the case of placing them with females and preventing mistake perggo's.]

If I ever got males again I would want to know, are all un-neutered males mean and nasty?
Have you ever had females and males, different cages, in the same room? Does it make the males mean or aggressive so they can get to the females or is it ok?
Should you just never get a male who isn't neutered?

If you have any more information about male rats I would like to know. I know they can be completely different then females and I mainly only have females. I would maybe get males later in time, no I would not breed, I don't want baby rats around. I just would like a lazy rat compared to my females who bounce bounce bounce! Thanks for the help.
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Poppyseed I never said I was against neutering, as I did post in [ ]'s. I just don't think because you have a male your should neuter them because of that. The thing is If I ever got males, I would have them in my room and of course, across the room but being across the room cant prevent them from smelling!

I also read if you have males and females to always clean your hands after the touching the females or else the males will fight to smell your hand or something? Or well, frisky them up again.

So having males. They wont stay in the same cage because they fight? Does that mean males can live alone? And you shouldn't put your hand in a males cage or else they will bite?

And for everyone who says they have males, do you also have females?
Or bought or adopted together, yes?
Well, its only a thought, I wont be getting any males any time soon.
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