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So first an update on Winston. I took him to the vet on Monday and got his penis plug flushed out through a lavage procedure. The vet did an amazing job and got a TON of mess out. Winston was pretty mad at me afterward, but he's been great since I've been cleaning him out myself every morning and night. It's working well and I'm sure he feels a LOT better than he did earlier this week.

Problem with cleaning him out myself is that I don't have anyone to help me when I do it. I need both hands to clean him out, so I have to give him treats to keep him still during the process. So far, I have given him puffed wheat and puffed rice, but they aren't exactly great nutrient-wise. I also know he'll get fed up with them soon, so I'm looking for alternatives. I was giving him pumpkin seeds, but he now associates them with unpleasant things (we used them when we were trying to clean him out ourselves), so they're out of the picture for a little while.

I have crackers I know he'll like, but I'm not sure if the ingredients are safe for him. They're called Good Thins Multigrain Rice Crackers and the ingredients are rice flour, vegetable oil, millet, poppy seeds, salt, mustard flour, and sesame seeds. Are these okay for rats? They don't taste at all salty and there's no salt on the tops. They're rather plain.

Also, if anyone could recommend high value treats that I could give my elderly rat (he's 2 years 5 months), I would really appreciate it. I've cut back on protein due to his penis plug (I read that protein contributes to them), so I don't think meat is a good idea.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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