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Are you a rataholic?
Do your rats control your life?
Take this quiz to find out...

1. You go to the pet store to buy bedding, you leave with:
a. Bedding
b. Bedding, yogurt drops and a new chew toy they just got in
c. Bedding, yogurt drops, the new chew toy, a hammock, six new baby feeder rescue rats and another cage.

2. Someone says "Euuuw!!" when you mention you have pet rats. You:
a. Sigh and forgive them for their ignorance and intolerance
b. Try to explain to them why rats make such great pets
c. Pull two rats from your shirt, kiss their furry bellies and wave their tails in the persons face

3. The last thing you do before going to bed at night is:
a. Brush your teeth and kiss your partner
b. Say goodnight to the rats and turn the light off
c. You've become nocturnal and stay up all night scritching, bruxing at, talking to, offering treats and playing with your rats.

4. You've just logged on and received your email. The first thing you read is:
a. An urgent memo from your boss
b. A birthday ecard from a close friend or relative
c. The entire 200+ messages from your rat mailing list

5. You've just found your rat gnawing on a family heirloom. What do you do?
a. Yell "No!" and confine your rat to his cage to think about what he's done
b. Think "Oh well! Rats will be rats! I shouldn't have left it there in the first place"
c. Praise your rat on his artfulness and skill and offer him a yogurt drop

6. When your rat pees on you, you think:
a. Euuww!! And I only just washed this shirt!!
b. <sigh> When will he learn to use the litter tray?
c. Oh! I love you too, you furry little sweetie ratty pie! <kiss>

7. The pictures in your wallet are:
a. Your drivers license
b. Your partner and/or family
c. All 42 of your rats, complete with names, ages, colours, weights, pedigrees, show awards, etc.

8. You spend your weekends:
a. Enjoying your favourite sports and activities
b. Relaxing and playing with the rats
c. Attending your regular Saturday morning vet appointment, cleaning cages, going to the pet shop for supplies, sewing hammocks, baking rat treats, scrounging in neighbourhood bins for construction material for rat toys, etc.

9. What do you do when a wild rat gets into your house:
a. Call an exterminator
b. Trap it and let it go outside
c. Trap it, place it in a cage with treats and toys and call it Binky.

10. How many times did you pause while doing this quiz to scritch/play with/treat your rats?
a. Not at all.
b. Once or twice
c. My rats are on my keyboard answering the questions for me

For each question you answered (a) give yourself 1 point.
For each question you answered (b) give yourself 2 points.
For each question you answered (c) give yourself 3 points.

If you scored < 30 points:
You love your rats, but aren't a rataholic... yet. Wait another 2 weeks and re-take this quiz.

If you scored 30 points:
You're a confirmed rataholic. You have no control over your life. But take heart, with your rat in charge your life couldn't be in better hands.

Adopted from: http://www.dapper.com.au/madratters.htm#rataholic

So, are you a rataholic? Be proud of it, get your Rataholic shirt here:http://teespring.com/rataholic-and-proud


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I scored 20. I am unworthy.

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I got a 28
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